Dangerous Heat (Men of Fire) by Sloan McBride #RomanticSuspense #ParanormalRomance @SloanMcBride1


The onset of fire season should be the hottest thing about interviewing smokejumpers for Whitney Storm—until she sees Tom MacKenzie. He set her heart aflame ten years ago, then disappeared. As an emapth who doesn’t need emotional turmoil, this six-foot tall dark and dangerous memory has no place in her life.

As a smokejumper, Tom’s job keeps him face to face with danger and he thought he knew how to handle heat. But the uncontrolled burn whenever he’s near Whitney is hotter than he remembers. He’s ready to face the past and make amends. She’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him.

A life-threatening problem flares when a killer’s greedy obsession threatens everything. Can Tom and Whitney learn to trust each other again and protect all that they hold dear, or will their world turn to ashes around them?


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ADULT EXCERPT (18+ Content):

            A short time later, Whitney sashayed barefoot into the room. “I finally got Spencer in bed. He wouldn’t shut up about the wildfires or the amusement park.”

He slanted an appraising glance at her. She’d changed into airy yellow PJ’s that made her tanned skin glow. Within seconds, his mind had the straps sliding down her shoulders so he could feast on her perfect breasts. His fingers itched to sink into the flared bottoms that barely covered her ass.

She straddled him again. His swelled cock pushed against the zipper of his jeans so hard that he’d likely end up with zipper marks imprinted on his anatomy. Whitney switched off the lamp, pitching the room into a glowing twilight.

A playful smile flirted with the corners of her mouth. “I wanted you all to myself tonight.”

“R-e-a-l-l-y,” he murmured, lightly kissing under her chin and moving lower to the valley between her breasts. “I need to get my mouth on your nipples.” He lifted his hips and moaned when electric sensations bristled up his cock and spread in all directions.

His hands moved lower to cup her ass. Whitney lowered the front of her shirt to reveal budded pink nipples that looked good enough to eat. She lifted slightly and rubbed a tender tip across his bottom lip. He drew one into his mouth and pinched the other with his fingers. She gasped at the initial contact, but then arched her back. He teased the tip with his tongue, then pushed her forward and took the entire areola in and suckled it. Without inhibition, Whitney placed both hands on either side of his head and rocked back and forth, allowing him to give ample time to each.

He slipped his hands under the flared shorts. His fingertips met in the middle and smoothed up and down the crack. She shivered and mewled softly.

Pulling her breast from his mouth, she smoothed her fingers down his abdomen and teased the waistband of his jeans.

His whole body tensed, then shuddered. Pushing the front of her shorts aside, he ran his thumb up fully aroused flesh to find her clit. Damn, she was swollen and wet. He slipped one, then two fingers inside, still rubbing her clit with his thumb. Whitney ran her fingers along the length of his denim-covered cock. “Shit, Whitney.”

Her hands clutched his shoulders, and her hips moved slowly. “Damn, you feel so hot.” Her tight channel squeezed hard. He was trying to drag this out a little, but he hadn’t had sex in several months. If she kept stroking him, he’d likely blow in his pants.

Whitney leaned close and whispered. “I want this.” She massaged his erection.

Every neuron not singed by the wildfires froze. What had changed while he was gone? He swore beneath his breath, and his already hard shaft twitched. “You’re killing me, honey.” Torn between lust and common sense, he debated for all of three seconds. “Undo the snap.” He removed his fingers from her body.

He helped her rise onto her knees. She unbuttoned, then unzipped. Tom lifted so she could pull the jeans down past his knees. When she rose to take them off the rest of the way, he stopped her. “Don’t bother. Come here.”

With one hand on the small of her back, he slid the other between his legs and wrapped it around the steely erection. “Look at what you do to me.” Whitney watched as he palmed his cock, which turned him on even more, if that were possible.

Whitney gasped. Her eyes were dark and sultry with desire. He spread her legs wider. “Move the damn flimsy material aside,” he ordered, his voice strangled. Fisting himself, he guided the tip up and down to tease her clit, and watched her juices coat him. “Sweet Jesus,” he groaned, and dug into his back pocket to pull out a condom.

Tom ripped the packet open with his teeth, rolled the condom on and held lightly to Whitney’s hips, easing inside her. “Fuck, you are so tight,” he gritted out.

She widened her legs and swallowed the last hard inches of him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation of her sheath snug around his cock. Inside, the wolf howled.

Whitney raised and lowered herself. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, but he hardly noticed. Her small chuffs were the kind of music he wanted to hear every night for the rest of eternity. Tremors erupted, sending pleasure through her body, rippling into him. She bit down on her lip, riding the orgasmic wave. He felt the sensations and grunted out his release.

Whitney laid her head on his shoulder, trying to catch her breath. He felt oxygen deprived too.

She smiled. “Wow!” Slowly, she unsnapped his shirt and ran her hands along the expanse of flesh across his chest. “I’d thought maybe you’d be too tired, but… wow.”

“I was too tired.” The rumbles of his laughter pounded against her hand, and he hugged her. “Guess a sexy, beautiful woman was all it took to perk me up.”

“I don’t know. You looked like the first side of death.”

“Brief adrenaline rush, maybe.”

She slanted him a sexy look. “Maybe.”

He rubbed his chin along the top of her head. “Mmmmm. You smell good.”

She sat up. “It’s late. Let’s get you into bed.”

His heart stuttered, or his breath did. Had he heard her correctly? “Bed? Us?”

“Yeah.” She slid off his lap and reached out her hand to him. “You’re exhausted, and I have a nice queen-size bed upstairs.”

So much, so fast. This had to be a dream. A hot, numbing blissful ride that he knew would most likely end when she came to her senses again. He might as well enjoy it until he passed out.

He stood and pulled his jeans up, but didn’t fasten them. “With you lying next to me, I’m not sure I’ll get much sleep.”

She smiled. “That’s your problem.”


Sloan McBride is a multi-published author whose books have been reviewed, and featured in RT Book Reviews.  She is a romance author who leans toward the paranormal, adding suspense, and mixing in mythology with her Time Walker Series. She dances through the Highlands, making merry with the clans in The Talisman Trilogy, and turns up the heat in the crazy world of smokejumpers in the Men of Fire Trilogy.

Sloan lives in Illinois with her husband of 39 years and two children who have grown into adulthood. By day she is executive assistant to the majority owner of a dynamic law firm. By night, she puts on her writing persona and creates kick-ass heroines and the tortured men who love them.

If you’d like more information about Sloan, please visit her website at www.sloanmcbride.com where you can sign up for her newsletter to receive notice of new books, giveaways, and more.

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